Visualisation Techniques to Improve your Golf Game

Visualisation techniques to help improve your game. All good players do it, either consciously or subconsciously. PGA pros, for example, visualise each shot they take. Success is key. Below are a few visualisation techniques I like to use.

To improve your skills quickly, try to develop a good mental image of your swing. Most amateur or hobby golfers have a bad mental image of their swing. This affects the way they strike the ball, making it look awkward and disjointed.

This awkward, disjointed swing is not just the fault of the golfer – it’s also in the way golf is taught. When I give golf lessons, I often work on individual elements of the swing, divided into smaller parts so we can focus on correcting them.

This approach works well. Nevertheless, we often find ourselves thinking about our swing in chunks, rather than as a fluid motion. When you practice, you can also imagine the image slowly in your mind, then focus on correcting individual elements of the swing one at a time, instead of concentrating on the rhythm and tempo.

Another technique that can help you is to visualise being exactly the kind of shot you want to hit. Establish a target line or preflight in your mind before facing the ball. Retains this image as you hit the ball. The good thing about this technique is it lets you focus on the finish line rather than your technique.

However, if you have to think of something in your swing, try to think of a phrase promoting a smooth drive. Slow and easy or slow and gentle swing are good thoughts. Whatever works for you to produce a clean swing.

Personal golf lessons can often emphasise tiny parts of your swing. try to go beyond this view. Focus, instead, on the harmony of your swing. You should get into the habit of thinking and visualising in each shot.